Diversity and Inclusion

Why Diversity and Inclusion matter for Cogeco

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At Cogeco, respect is a long-standing core value that we embrace by fostering a respectful workplace where integrity, trust and inclusion are the norm.


We believe that an inclusive workplace is one where everyone feels a sense of belonging, has a safe environment in which to work and develop, and shares equal opportunities for career advancement regardless of gender, skin colour, ethnicity, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.



At Cogeco we value Diversity and Inclusion, as together, they:

  • Enable a highly collaborative and engaging work environment,
  • Drive innovation and the development of new ideas,
  • Better support our communities and customers to drive inclusive growth in our society,
  • Correlate with improved organizational performance.


Six Levers of our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)


We create an environment that fosters open dialogue, with listening forums where each feels comfortable in gaining greater awareness of each other's experiences and perspectives.


We commit to work with other organizations to help each other evolve and enhance our diversity and inclusion strategies, as well as share our successes and challenges.


We commit to roll out training and education initiatives addressing unconscious biases and promoting D&I, as well as to adopt a common language around D&I.

Take Action

We are establishing a D&I leadership committee, which is working with the CEO and is responsible for the development of tangible action plans. A D&I expert is joining the team to help develop our D&I strategy, coordinate actions and monitor progress.


We ensure that our employees, senior leadership and board positions are representative of our communities, with the objective of improving alignment every year. 


We are increasing philanthropic investments aimed at promoting D&I and supporting underrepresented groups.